We are committed to providing the most sophisticated legal technology to our clients. Superior productivity and exceptional communications can be attained using the latest court reporting technologies.

  • RealTime Reporting: RealTime is the instant translation of shorthand into English. Utilizing LiveNote or other appropriate software, the attorney can view, annotate, highlight, word search, etc. the real time testimony on their laptop.
  • LiveNote™: LiveNote is a software program that utilizes a connection from the court reporter’s realtime text to the attorney’s laptop. The attorney can view, word search and highlight text while the deposition is in session. After the proceedings, the attorneys are able to keep the rough draft on their laptop for further analysis. Testimony is immediately available.
  • Legal Videography: Convey and preserve the witness’s image, demeanor and testimony by videotaping the deposition. Video can be provided on DVD, VHS, and streamed via Internet.
  • Video Synchronization: Synchronizes the text and the video of the deposition to create a split screen presentation displaying video alongside the transcript text. Search and playback abilities are provided. View an example.
  • Video Streaming: Streams a live audio/video and text from a deposition suite via a secure internet link to one or more specified locations. Attorneys and experts can participate in depositions without leaving their office.
  • Support: We offer training support with our partnership companies for litigation-related software.
  • E-transcript: Instant rough and final transcripts delivered over the internet.
  • Legal Transcription: Transcriptions produced from all audio formats: MP3, WAV, DSS, CD & cassette.
  • Document Depository: Archiving, Indexing, Scanning, Retrieval of exhibits.
  • Condensed Transcript: Converts transcript into miniature format. Each page of the condensed transcript contains eight pages of printed transcript, reducing a 200 page transcript to 25 pages. Each condensed transcript has a complete key word index, concordance and page and line enumeration.
  • Document Scanning/Imaging: Our technology transports you from paper to paperless. Exhibits, records etc. are exported to any media.
  • Video Teleconferencing: We provide access and scheduling to numerous video conferencing locations.

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