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The tools of the trade


Reporter Tech

 The most powerful remote real-time connection available today, LiveDeposition is the cutting edge of real-time and video streaming.  Don’t be handicapped by small windows, complex setups, or operating system conflicts.  LiveDeposition makes a deposition stream available to almost all platforms, including your mobile devices.

Bridge:  A suitable and affordable competitor to other real-time solutions, Advantage Software’s Bridge allows users to create a real-time connection to the reporter.  Bridge is free of charge for our clients’ local use while boasting many of the same features of its subscription-based competitors.

LiveNote™:  LiveNote is a software program that utilizes a connection from the court reporter’s real-time text to the attorney’s laptop.  The attorney can view, word search, and highlight text while the deposition is in session. After the proceedings, the attorney can save the testimony to their laptop for further analysis.  Testimony is immediately available.


Rough Transcripts:  Our reporters are proud to offer rough transcript delivery after the conclusion of any job via e-mail or repository in a variety of formats.

Expedited transcripts:  We know you have more important things to worry about than getting your transcript read and reviewed before trial.  Let us know when you need your transcript delivery expedited, and we’ll make sure you have it yesterday.

Transcript & exhibit repository:   In today’s day and age, it’s all about sharing information.  Make sure you’re on the same page with your co-counsel with online transcript and exhibit repositories.  With a simple login, easily access all the documents we have on file for your case.  Just let us know who else you want to share it with, and we’ll make sure they get the memo.

PDF Hyperlinking:  Take advantage of this feature that comes free with any Individual Exhibit Scanning service.  Tracking down an exhibit has never been easier thanks to hyperlinking.  Whenever an exhibit is marked or referenced on the record, a hyperlink appears that directs you to the PDF of that very exhibit.  Oh, and it’s all in one document.  Pretty neat.

Document Scanning/Imaging:  Our technology transports you from paper to paperless. Exhibits, records, etc. are exported to any media.

Condensed Transcript:  Converts transcripts into miniature format. Each page of the condensed transcript contains eight pages of printed transcript, reducing a 200-page transcript to 25 pages. Each condensed transcript has a complete key word index, concordance, and page and line enumeration.