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Video Services
Bring your deposition testimony to life with our video services. Using today’s technology, capturing a deponent’s testimony and presenting it in a powerful and concise package has never been so effective. Whether it’s a local deposition or a multi-state affair, we can make sure you have access to quality video testimony with a variety of delivery options.

YesLaw CD Features

Video Synchronization
For the most powerful video testimony presentation, make use of our video synchronization services. Using timecodes from the reporter’s transcript, we pair the video and audio with each line of transcript text, leaving you with the most complete and accurate testimony presentation possible.

  • Export portions of video you need to all major trial presentation software
  • Create video clips by simply highlighting transcript text
  • Hyperlink your scanned exhibits to the transcript
  • Annotate and highlight the transcript for future use
  • Present the synced video in a courtroom with little else but a DVD player
  • Get the most out of your testimony.  Sync it.
Realtime and Video Streaming
Never let distance be an obstacle between you and attending a deposition. With LiveNote Stream Manager, we are able to take the video and real-time transcript from the deposition location and stream it to the internet where you and any of your clients can view the stream via a secure login.  Annotate and highlight important testimony for future reference or use the word index to find specific portions of the deposition you want to review.