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The tools of the trade


Here at Kennedy, we become the experts in litigation and trial presentation technology so you don’t have to. Through a variety of avenues, we can manage your legal matter and see it through from its raw beginnings to a polished, presentable piece for trial.

Synchronize your transcript with the video recording for powerful, convincing testimony with ease of reference.

Have to travel for your next deposition?  With today’s technology, perhaps not. With, Bridge, or LiveNote, we can have our reporter with your deponent, wherever the location, while you conduct the deposition remotely with the transcript available to you as it’s being written.

Handle your legal matters in the same location as your document storage.  Utilize our Santa Ana conference rooms and in-person depository system for your complex litigation needs.

Never be without access to your transcripts or exhibits with access to our online repository via your own secure login.

Whatever the situation, we will make every effort to ensure your experience is as smooth and efficient as possible.



Products & Services


We offer a comprehensive product with a variety of solutions